Charlotte, North Carolina
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I just went to Burger King on Dorchester Road for a quick lunch. I was in the Drive-Thru.

The guy put ketchup in my bag and I handed him the ketchup back and told him no thank you I would like to ranch dip sauces. He said that's going to cost me 20 some odd cent each. I said no come I've never been charged for that here. He proceeded to tell me that that was company policy.

So, I went to hand them the food back and told him I would like a refund. He said we're awful sorry and gave me my money back. Little pubic hair has no concept of business. He would rather sacrifice a sale then to just give me 2 ranch dip sauces.

Oh well, they just lost my business and it's franchised . He just lost some money for the owner

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They should have said, "Sure, take all you want." and handed you a few extra for you to use back when you were at home. They would have more than made up for it with repeat business. You get more flies with sugar than with vinegar.


The disgusting name you called the employee WHO WAS JUST DOING HIS JOB, is proof to me that you are an immature brat! Ranch costs more than ketchup and just because you've gotten it free previously just shows those people were not doing their job properly.

Where do you work? I'd like to come to your job and demand you violate company policy. Oh wait, no I wouldn't do that because I am not morally bankrupt like you! You received an apology and still acted like a complete ***.

And no, the employee did not cost the owner money, he has ultimately saved the owner money because he proved he does not let spoiled children try to get food for free every time they are in the drive-thru .

Word of advice: buy your own bottle of ranch and carry it with you... just know it will cost more than .20 cents.