100 Saunders Ln, Bluefield, VA 24605, USA
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I am disabled. A few days ago I went thru #bk drive thru in Bluefield VA.

I drove less than 10 minutes home, in my heated vehicle. We opened the bag and not only was all the food cold, dry and hard, but the burgers were made 100% incorrect. I was hurting and exhausted so i was not feeling well enough to drive back to the restaurant and sit in a drive thru line, and wait for them to fix my food. They had taken forever the first time as it was.

I tried to call the store phone number listed on the receipt 5 times with no answer. I tried to do the survey with the info from receipt and got an alert sauing the location was no longer collecting data. I finally called the main customer number on the #Burgerking website. I was told by a representative..

#1 Some stores choose to not have their phones ring, or to have all calls forwarded to either an automated message or the main customer service number. #2 Stores can limit the number of customer surveys, or stop access to it. And..#3 He will mail me a free whopper coupon and send a message to the location's management explaining the situation and habe them call me. Its been Days.

No call, no emails. NOTHING. I worked at a BK for Years. If any one of us, including management, had treated a customer poorly in any way, they were FIRED.

Apparently this particular franchise has no problem ignoring complaints and no interest in making things right for the people who supply their paychecks. None of us ate that night.

And, unfortunately since we are on a fixed income, that all we could afford and was the last of our funds. Nice job, #burgerking

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Double Cheeseburger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Because there are those of us who cannot go back to hav.e an issue resolved immediately, and no one there would answer the phone. If everyone has to stop to check their drive through order, there would be one heck of a traffic jam in the parking lot at busy times.


"I am disabled"

why is this pertinent to your review?

ALWAYS check accuracy of order at dt windows & orders picked up at retail stores