Killeen, Texas
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I visited Burger King Baylor On July 15, 2010 & I became a Highly Pissed off customer. I went during lunch rush & noticed the lack of professionalism, respect, & positive response from drive through employees when ordering my food.

I requested to speak to the manager there & the window was shut in my face.I then drove around to enter & request to speak to the manager. A young lady looked at me & responded, "I'm the manager, how can I help you?" She was not friendly, respectful, or had any knowledge of how to be professional.That store lacks respect & is tacky!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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It's a Burger King at a university that doesn't require a GED for new hires - you aren't getting disrespectful high school kids either, you're getting adults with major life issues & children to feed working for $7.25.


If the food that you order was right why are you upset...If they punch you in the face...then I can see a reson to be upset.


I think the point is she wants a free meal. She was probably hoping the manager would give her coupons of somrehing. Because she did not get any, the manager is "rude"



It's fast food. Did you want them to feed you and burp you too?

:cry I didn't like how they talked to me... GROW UP!!!