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I wanted to download the app for Burger King, even though th coffee could be used to clean engine parts. When I was about to open it, the following information needed to be granted before using the app: Identity; Location; Photo/Media/Files; Wifi Information; Bluetooth Connection Information; Device ID & Call Information.

I was wondering where does it ask for your first born male child? Since they want all the other information. To us, that is an invasion of my personal information. I will grant a location but nothing else.

So, BYE BYE Burger King app. You will not get anything else from us.

Wake up Burger King, and give the app downloaders freedom to ignore your request. You are worse than the government.

Reason of review: App information .

Preferred solution: Just have app downloaders grant location information..

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the discount/deals offered to app users are possible by info collected from them----customer location, ages, etc other words nothin is free---if retailer didnt benefit in some way why offer app?