Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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I have been to two Burger Kings in the last first experience:

I drive up to the window, order french toast sticks and am told "We ain't got no syrup." I then ask for cinaminis and an Iced Mocha BK Joe and am told "We ain't got no Mocha Joe." I mean come on it is breakfast! (Also the girl in the drive thru has 5 inch finger nails & no gloves) This was at the BK on Florida Blvd by Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge, LA.

My second experience: I drive up to the window and after what seems an eternity order a fish sandwich meal with onion rings. I get to the window and after waiting forever for someone to come to the window as all the employees must be getting paid to socialize, I am told they are out of fish, so I substitute a Whopper Jr. with cheese, finally get my order, look in the bag, no sauce for the onion rings, ask for it and am told they don't have any. This was at the BK on Greenwell Springs Rd in Central City, LA.

And if that is not bad enough their receipts show an email address where you can email your comments to the manager, well guess what they come back as undeliverable because : COMMENTS - Unused. I then go to the main BK site on the net and guess what they don't take email comments. I wonder why!!!!

What major company these days does not have they did away with it because their in box was full 24-7.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

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It doesn't matter what size her nails were / if she was wearing gloves...shes drive threw plus she handles money so every time she takes someones money you expect her to change her gloves?

Besides make a compliant on their web site not here if your complaint is a concern (not just a load of ***) they will usually send you a coupon for something.


Try shopping on the non-*** side of town


did you read her post? she tried 2 around the city.

also there is no good side of town to get BK. they all suck. they are all gross. they are all rude.

they are all incompetent.

I don't know how they are still open. No one I know eats there because of the horrible service and complete filth.


i orderd a burger with just lettuce and ketchup, and they game me no lettuce, mustard and pickles


Don't lie you did complain caitee.


Last night I received terrible service. I contacted the manager and she was just as rude, if not worse.

She argued with everything i had to say. And I am typically not one to complain about poor service because I know we all have our bad days.


Why do they always try to "Pull Me" in their drive thru.....If I wanted to park my car, I would have gone inside. I hate Burger King.


you're in Baton Rouge, LA who do you expect to be working the drivethru?