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On our way back from the shore in NJ, we stopped off the parkway to get something to eat. First fast food we saw was this BK...what a frigging mistake! We pulled into the drive thru at 9:11PM and placed a very simple order....whopper meal and 3 burgers. I paid and then the waiting began. Ironically, I can saw a posted notice that the target drive thru fulfillment time was trageted at under 2 minutes and 19 laughable.

Ok so I get handed a large Coke at 9:17PM, 6 minutes after I paid. Of course sloppy Maliq whose shirt tail was out of his pants as if he was hanging out on the street corner with his homies hands me my soda by grabbing the top of the cup. Yes, the lid popped off and the soda spilled all over the place. After maliq put the lid back on, he actually handed me the sod cup with soda spilled all over the outside. after he said "***" for spilling the soda, I was holding the cup outside of my window and I had to ask him for napkins so I can wipe the entire cup. Then, more waiting.

We finally get our order at 9:26PM. It took 15 minutes for our order when there was not one customer other than ourselves in sight! No one inside and no one in front of us in the drive thru. I assume that Mailq decided to give us the old *** they were goign to throw out at the end of the night. This BK is off of the state road so unless you check your order, you are stuck with whatever they give you UNLESS you drive 3 miles up the road and make a u-turn, drive 3 miles back and make yet another u-turn, abd then drive back the 3 miles to go to the BK.

So I checked the order...the burger patties were ice cold, seemed to be old, dried and shriveled up. The fries were dry, cold and stale. I immediately put my car into reverse and back to the drive thru we waited. Even though woman inside saw me waving to her, she compeltely ignored me. After waiting 3 minutes, Maliq comes to the window. I hand him the bag of gragabe that he sold to us and demanded a refund.

He never asked why or what was wrong. BTW nor did he apoligized for spillign the soda, cursing, making us wait 15 minutes when there were no other customers, nor giving us old and cold food to eat. I asked him why was the food cold and he answered that he "didn't know". He re-opened the drive thru window and said "OK the order was canclelled". I then asked for a receipt that showed that the order was cancelled and the my debit card had been refunded. He said "I can only give you a reciept showing the cancelled order". No Maliq, you gave me exactly what I had requested...the cancelled order and credit back.

Either these two employees really do not value their jobs or they realize that unless you check before you leave, who would really go through all of that trouble driving back. Horrible employees and disgraceful food. I only went there because I keep seeing these BK commercials with Steven Tyler and thought quality became important again to BK. WRONG!!!! I cant wait for their IPO in the company stock to release so I can short shares and make a ton of money!

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sounds like a *** experience but you're dumb if you think Steven Tyler appearing in a commercial means fast food has become top quality food.