Charlotte, North Carolina
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I went to Burger King in Mocksville NC a few weeks in the past. I went inside of the dining room.

I looked back in the kitchen and there was an employee with long hair and a goatee. His hair was shoulder length. The hair was not in a ponytail or restrained. As soon as I seen the employee I left the restaurant.

I thought fast food employess were not suppose to have facial hair and and long hair is suppose to be in a ponytail? I dont want employees who have facial hair and long hair that is not restrained making my food. I dont want my food to be contamited with either long hair or facial hair. To me that is disgusting and non professional.

Thank you Mocksville NC Burger King for not following health codes correctly. I also hope customers dont experience the same situation I did in the past.

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There is one person to blame for his appearance and that was the manager Fran, the heavy set black lady with the deep voice. She could have told the employee to shave his beard and restrain his hair.

She obviously wasn't enforcing proper hygiene and if I was a health inspector I would have reported a health code violation and have given the health inspection a 70%.

If I was a Secret Shopper I would have failed them big time and made sure Fran didn't receive her monthly bonus. Mockville BK is definitely the "dirty south."


I understand because I wouldn't want a homeless, druggy, looking *** making my food. I doubt that guy had washed his hands.

And that post from Ronald McDonald is probably the same guy who had used to work or is currently working at that Burger King. He probably went to jail for domestic violence.


Hey man a few weeks ago I thought I had seen "Ronald McDonald", the guy who had written the post", cleaning dog crap off the paking lot pavement at a gas station in Mocksville.



Well put it this way buddy.

Would you like to look like a 12 yr old smooth?

I think not.

And also,as far as food goes..I bet i find more hairs and every other god forskaen thing in your cooking than at any fast food resturaunt.


Ronald Mcdonald.