Tampa, Florida
Not resolved

I ordered a egg/sausage sandwick with hashbrowns and a cinnamini. I received a sandwich with with NO hashbrowns and a cinnamini with syrup (NOT FROSTING).

When I returned later in the day to let them know, since I was on the way to work, I was told I could get a replacement instead of a refund. Really who wants breakfast at 3 in the afternoon. The manager informed me that it was the policy and she would not be able to help me since she was not working and did not make any mistakes in my order.

Huh, used to eat at BK 3-4 times a week, have not been back since, screw BK. I had called corp to file a complaint and received no response or help, thanks a lot?!?!?!??

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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oh you PPL just don't get it, we should be able to get what we order, it should be hot, I shouldn't have to pay extra for ketchup, the corporate should care enough to callback and if I'm pissed about the mistake Why is everyone hung up on the spelling of my words?? :x


Oh and Tasha, it's spelled ASSUME, not the ASUMME you wrote. Highschool drop out maybe?

sounds like you and him should meet.

lol. idiots.


Hey tasha, Before you talk *** to someone about a misspelling of the word sandwich..... you should look how you spelled "mistake".

Its not MISTEKE as you wrote . *** ***.


Here's a tip, Clancy. Take ten seconds out of your busy, busy day and check your order before you go screeching out of the parking lot.


You made a mistake too.


Well everyone makes mistekes even you. Just look at how you spelled "sandwich" I asumme since you are working in the morning that you actually graduated highschool.

However are your parents complaining that you graduated highschool and yet cannot spell a simple third word. No they are letting it slide. Sometimes you have to be forgiving. Also I wonder if you are a grade school dropout because it seems that you think the rudeness is not getting your way.

Just because someone tells you no and goes not let you have your way does not make them rude.

Perhaps you dropped out of third grade? Well go back to school.