Virginia Beach, Virginia

- Stood At Register for 5 minutes before being acknowledged.

- Cashier could not find any items ordered on the register so I had to repeat my order at least 3 times.

- My son asked if he could have a gift card, I said ok, Cashier did not advise me otherwise.

- Meal was not on the tray correctly, Offered Free Fries, told them I didn’t need Free Food, just wanted the food I had paid for.

- While trying to get my order correct, off-duty employee GRABBED my son’s wrist and yanked the card and told him it wasn’t a toy. When she could have came to me, his mother, and let me know to have my son put back the unloaded, unactivated gift card.


2 bacon burgers

1 Wopper Jr w/ Cheese

1 Wopper Jr Meal – Small ONLY LETTUCE TOMATO

1 Chicken Sand Meal – Med

1 6 pc Kids Meal


2 double cheeseburger – over charged as I did not order

1 Wopper Jr w/ Cheese

1 Chicken Sand Meal – Small - over charged as I did not order

1 Chicken Sand Meal – Med

1 6 Pc Kids Meal


2 double cheeseburgers - DID NOT REC'V BACON BURGER

1 WOPPER JR w/CHEESE - Not Rec’d

1 wopper jr; 1 small fry (WOPPER HAD EVERYTHING ON IT!)

1 Chicken Sand; NO MED FRY

1 6pc Kids Meal

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Cheeseburger.

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Maybe the cashier was NEW. When I was new at my job, some people were so inpatient like you were. Be patient and be nice.

And meal was not on tray correctly? What are you, a Queen? Like come on. What does fries being a certain way have to do with anything? Oh no, it's sideways! -_-

And your child shouldn't be touching what isn;t his.

Get a grip woman.


That's NO excuse t o grab a child's arm like that. If someone grab your kid violently how would you f**kn feeL? get real!!


Give me a break! Take responsibility for your child. Do you always let your little angel grab anything they want?


Yeah that's right girlfriend, teach your kid to be a thief.


Seriously, lady, get over it. Maybe you should have told your child that the store property that you a.

Did not purchase b. Had no right to tell your son he could have, that he couldn't "have" a gift card. An I hardly consider grabbing a child's arm as "child abuse". If the employee grabbed your son and started beating the cheap out of him that's a different story.

I grab my daughter's arm when she reaches for stuff she shouldn't touch an tell her no all the time. I must be a horrible child abuser!


You ppl are so *** and judgemental this site is called pissed consumer do u judge everyone you read about get off your high horse... that person had no right to touch her child PERIOD.

.. if anyone touched my child grabbed my child no matter what for I would raise ***...

the fact is lady u grabbed ur kids hand armm. Someoneone else did not