I Think that everyone should start Tipping the Employees at Burger King. A TIP means To Insure Performance.

Those poor employees are all working real hard for their money, so you better treat them right! After all, They Are The One Making Your Sandwich. So from now on, be sure do leave them a very generous tip. Thank You Very Much For Tipping Your Burger King Employees!

They Appreciate It!

And maybe you could volunteer your time and go around and clean up all the sticky stuff off of the tables that all the slob customers leave behind. They Work Hard For The Money, So Hard For The Money, They Work Hard For The Money So You Better Treat Them Right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Why in the world would I want to tip someone for bad service?


Your joke post aside, why?? Fast food is NOT a typical tip service.

I dont tip my local smoke shop for buying a pack of smokes. Typically tipping is done when a service is provided above and beyond. I.E: a waitress busting her hump to keep my table happy. Then a tip is warranted.

I use the roughly 15-20% of the total bill due. Given a whopper is like $5 why would I add on another .75-$1.00 to the price tag of my meal just because they gave me the food I paid for? I agree that tipping is very important and many people have never had to work for tips so they tend to tip poorly. I would suggest that if you wish to show your appreciation for services rendered that you do it in a way that acknowledges ALL the employees.

Buy them a box of donuts. Bring them a giant pot of home made food. Don’t buy them a burger if they work at a burger shop. Show appreciation by bringing gift bags.

Giving money is the easy way out, give time. When I go into my local convenience store I will wipe down the soda area. Mainly because I use a 100 oz cup and it can be messy to fill but the reality is I’m taking time out of my day to make thier job a little easier. Do I have to do this???

NOPE!!! But appreciation is something we can all use a little of.


What percent to you recommend tipping? Do I take it to the people in the back making the burgers, or do I tip the cashier, or do I leave it on the table?

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