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In centralia Washington at BK on Harrison Ave, my wife, kids and I get BK and went to the park about 7 min away. When we got there the 10 piece we ordered was missing and the sauce for the burgers we got (2 original chickens) so when I drove back and asked for 2 fresh sandwiches and the 10 piece, the manager denied my request and suggested I eat the cold chicken sandwiches with the nuggets and sauce we went back for.

I told her in front of customers this is cold, I have it in the bag, please exchange them for new ones it's been 20 minutes since you served me. She said I told you no, absolutely not but however you can have the nuggets and sauce" as I was now sensing her aggressiveness, I could tell it made her angry and so did everyone there. This manager was a female and this happened on feb 22nd at approx 1pm. Me and my wife went around and ordered 2 more sandwiches and paid $7 dollars for them.

If I dont hear anything back I'll assume nobody read this. medval2989@***l I am Kristopher Dail. 360.508.9540 please help me put a stop to the bad managment in this town.

I am well known with over 200k views on my reviews and it makes a community impact when I post things. That was the wrong person to let walk away with food that could poison my family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $7.

Preferred solution: Apology and verification of preventing a repeat of incident .

Burger King Pros: Speed of service, Sometimes friendly, Good flame broiled burgers.

Burger King Cons: Customer service, Bad attiudes, Nasty staff.

Location: 713 Harrison Ave, Centralia, WA 98531

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I haven't been back to Booger King in a real long time. And that's saying alot, because all of the other c rap fast food places that p iss me off, I always end up going back after awhile.

But Booger King really had a way about it. And it's shame too, because I used to be a regular customer and would get the triple whopper king sized meal with king sized onion rings and a king sized Dr.Pepper. I went so often that they would tell me my order when I walked up to the counter. I wish that they would make their food good again so that I could go back.

I'm too scared to go back after the bad experiences that I have had there. One black lady even called up the local radio R&B radio station and told how gross Booger King was was and the D.J.

was Laughing his Asset Off. It was hysterically and every word that she said was true.


Nailed it

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