Wheaton, Illinois
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Dec 8th,2012 at 6p.m. - we went with my wife for the special "55" tonight at Wheaton Illinois corner of Roosevelt and County Farm Rd,Illinois.I ordered the special and I was asking for "super hot" fries.We received the order and before we started to to eat the attendant came over and asked us if the fries are hot enough and I said ,the are not real hot, but eatable I guess ; so he went and get the new fresh fries a brought it to our table.It was unexpected and the gentleman was really polite.When I was leaving I asked another gentlemen the name of the attendant and I was told his name was Demitry.The service was better than in other BK's we usually go once in the while.I and in my 60's,so we have to watch our family budget and our son is in College.This was a good quick dinner at BK at this place.The only think,that place should have a little remodeling,on the Corporation expense,lights are to bright,and a few pictures would help.The BK Corporation should to a little touch up.I would do,I am looking for some small job,reasonably paid for:-)

I am just wondering why BK's are loosing ground towards McD's ,even one other one in Wheaton,Danada was closed down and that's was I favorite BK place. Customer PM (630) 803 6745

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Burger.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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All the fast food places remodel on a given schedule. For one thing when they remodel, they have to close for a given amount of time.

Some of them keep the drive through open while the remodeling is going on and some don't. Either way it isn't your home to complain about.

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