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Its sad when a business like burger king. Comes to the area where its not appreciated..

People can be cruel. This burger king came to the area for the people. Many dont drive. Here it is and now many are trying to close the doors on the place..

Does that make sence to you? Your knocking it down rather then bringing it up.. Not everyone is perfect. Mistakes happen..

Im sure everyone makes them.. We are human. Its a resuaurant that serves many people.. Machines break down.

They need cleaned. Yet people get mad over it... For what. Im sorry i would rather have a machine fixed or cleaned so im not paying money for a bad product...

Many people scream at the kids who work their as if everything is their fault... I know their are people in this world who dont want to work but yet they want money... This generation is a mess. Its hard to find good help...

And the ones who do want to work get yelled at by us customers.. For what. Because were mad.. Well thats not their fault..

We are adults do you want soneone treating your child like that... I dont think so... Before we go and act childish ourselves maybe we need to pull up our big boy and girl pants up... Once again no one and nothing is perfect.

Im not your not . no one is. You complain when its here and if they take it away.. You will complain then to.

Yes because that makes so much sense.

Some people are just so miserable they want others to be as well... Thats just crazy...

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May A

Despite the fact that I posted a complaint re: my local Burger King, I can appreciate your stance. There is no denying that some "pissed consumers" are basically ready-to rumble at any given time about anything / everything that crosses their path...

seeming to enjoy posting negative YELP reviews and on sites like pissedconsumer.com. If one is interested in supporting local businesses then it would behoove us all to choose our words carefully and ease up on all of the negativity - bad reviews can literally destroy a business. Allow local biz's the opportunity to make things right. That said, we received uncooked / raw on the edges Whoppers recently and got really sick as a result.

Burger King HQ has yet to respond since reporting the food poisoning incident almost a month ago (even after continued attempts to reach-out to them). Uncooked meat is unacceptable.

Food poisoning is unacceptable. Lackluster and dismissive customer service is unacceptable.

@May A

You should have reported them to the health department immediately.

May A
@Ms *** Has Become Super Sized

I did. The food poisoning / foodborne illness incident was reported to the County of Los Angeles Morbidity Unit / LA County Public Health - Environmental Health.

@May A

I am so sorry too hear about your experience. Nobody should have too go through this.

@Anonymous Diamonds 2019

Agreed. It's so bad and sad an company would rather make money than care about their employees or their managers or their customer's safety.

I worked into retail for many years.

I am all too familiar with that. When I worked there, there was always something shady.


Bland Burgers, Soggy Fries, Bad Employee Attiitutes. {{redacted}} Atmosphere


At the same time, employees and managers do not need to put with customers mean and nasty attitude too. There's always two sides to the story! No, the customer is not always right!


Iam a new burger King employee and there are some nasty mean customers but I tell you one thing we work out tails off and not just me everyone so check this out people I work the morning shift and I always make sure everyone has a fresh sandwich not everyone up in there are nasty employee so let's keep this store open for people who appreciates this place and stop complaining thanks and god bless everyone.


Agreed. I used too work into retail for many years.

I have seen mean and nasty customers, and mean and nasty employees or managers that would try too get away with something. It's so sad and bad that any is treated like this by anybody for no reason.


My heart and My soul goes out too any employee or manager that has to go through that! Bless all of you hard working employees and managers.

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