Taylor, Michigan
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I arrived at the Burger King rest on West Road in Trenton, I walked into the stoer at 10:27am, I walked up to the counter and waited 2 min for someone to ask me what I wanted I told him I would like brekfast he told me they no long was serving breakfast, I showed him my cell phone that had a time of 10:29 (not a watch with the incorrect time)he said there was nothing he could do even after I told him I walked through the door at

10:27am, I would not argue, because I would not trust them to do something to my food.I consider this very poor customer service, thats what has gone wrong with the U.S. today you get what they give you not what you want. I sure didn't get it my way and it will be the last time I visit that Burger King and possibly any of them, I'll start going to McDonalds!

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I could see it already..... Phone in hand.....see its 1029....its 1029.....its 1029.....put your *** phone away. Nobody cares that you can pull your phone out and show us what time it reads. Fact is you knew you were pushing it (breakfast cut-off) so next time prepare better and set your alarm and then set the alarm in your phone so you have two opportunities to react. Its people like you that cause our food to be tampered with. Now I am going to help cure you of your sickness. You need to get the movie "Waiting" and watch it. I am serious....take notes.....this is your assignment...Get the movie "Waiting" and watch it. While observing what happens to the lady who ordered the steak dinner make note the similarities and adjust your whole general idea of the entire situation.

Golden Rule #23 Never mess with the person that feeds you.

I don't work in a restaurant but I don't need to know that :/


MY heart goes out to you, as I know that you are "entitled" and had a nasty hangover from that binge last night.

Fact is, most Cell Phone networks run behind NIST time, and all the fast food restaurants which have free WIFI have the exact NIST time server connection.

Grow up, child, and get up earlier, so there isn't a "problem"!


boy!! i didn't relize so many *** holes read this, your the reason american business thrive because,you think a business should tell you what you want and not give you what you want, dosen't Burger King say Try it you way thats a laught :grin

John N

So, they are not serving breakfast. It's their store, not yours and you do NOT have a right to be served breakfast, or anything else. Like USMCDEATHCARD says, grow up, child.


Grow up. i could say more but I doubt you ever GET WITH IT anyhow.


Racist undertone......

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