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I arrived at the Burger King rest on West Road in Trenton, I walked into the stoer at 10:27am, I walked up to the counter and waited 2 min for someone to ask me what I wanted I told him I would like brekfast he told me they no long was serving breakfast, I showed him my cell phone that had a time of 10:29 (not a watch with the incorrect time)he said there was nothing he could do even after I told him I walked through the door at

10:27am, I would not argue, because I would not trust them to do something to my food.I consider this very poor customer service, thats what has gone wrong with the U.S. today you get what they give you not what you want. I sure didn't get it my way and it will be the last time I visit that Burger King and possibly any of them, I'll start going to McDonalds!

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Burger King ending breakfast at 10:30am is silly. McDonalds gets a HUGE amount of sales due to this. McDonalds should thank Burger King for being so dumb.


It doesn't matter what your phone says. A business works based on the time on the clocks in their computers.

Whether your phone matches that is irrelevant.

Their system showed 10:30, so breakfast was over.

It's okay to be disappointed, and as you clearly live in the USA, it's no surprise that you took it to the next level and ranted about it on the internet. But seriously, get over yourself and get there earlier next time.


Legit you shouldn't be strolling in at last minute, however if you serve breakfast till 10:30 then do it or change the time to 10:15. But until that clock hits 10:16 you best be takin orders.

We all live down to the seconds these days, sucks. Save your *** for managment, they are calling the time to switch over.


Stop arriving at 10:2/8 and thinking by the time you get up to the counter and order, it won't be 10:30 past! Get there EARLIER!!!

Such a simple solution! At 10:27/8, people are living up expecting lunch!


First world problems (SMH) or should I say FAT people problems. Seriously people is your whole day or life ruined because you decided to show up at the almost absolute last minute and you actually took the time to get on the Internet and write a complaint about it? Pathetic.


Same thing happened to my husband in Elba, AL, twice! The first time, he got there at 10:28.

The second time, he was there at 10:15! He didn't argue the first time since it was so close to 10:30, but at 10:15? Oh, yes, he was mad, and let them know!

Not that they will do anything about it. This is the WORST Burger King we have ever been to, and believe me, we've been to quite a few, and some of those were bad, too.


Maybe your husband needs to manage his time better and not go to get breakfast at the last minute.


Same thing has happened to me in the st. Clair shores 9 mile store. I only go to mc dees now especially with the 24 hour breakfast


You couldn't get breakfast at the last minute and suddenly, that is wrong with the world? Get real.


McDonalds operates the same way (strict breakfast cutoff at 10:30). Had you gone there instead at 10:29, you would have received exactly the same treatment.

Go to Jack in the Box. They serve breakfast all day, and their food is a little better and cheaper anyway.


OMG I hate people who post things like this. You are a ridiculous customer. The CREW MEMBERS who work at fast food (Like I did) ARE TOLD by the MANAGERS to stop serving breakfast, okay? So when you're angry about it, talk to the manager. The restaurant is not all about you. They have to start preparing for lunch so all the items for making breakfast have to be cleaned up and put away for the lunch items (YES IT TAKES A DIFFERENT FRYER, ETC TO MAKE FRIES AND HASH BROWNS). So if you wanna complain bring it to the manager.

As a crew member i was so sick of people who complained and got angry at me. Like get over yourself. Go somewhere else. Or try working there, you'll see the reasons behind why restaurants do this.


I'm in university full time and I worked fast food during my high school years. Sick of lazy people like you. you're disgusting.

And what's funny is that those people that came to complain were either very hideous or overweight.

Like come on. Really. Look what the fast food has done to you. LOL.


First off *** fast food places ARE about the customer. You want MY *** money don't you?!

Yea like I thought my money go into your pathetic pay check.

Nobody is taking anger out on you its the restaurant. So YOU need to get over yourself ***


If it was for the restaurant... they would not be yelling at the employees when they can do nothing.

Disrespecting anyone because you are mad that a corporation has regulations and certain rules to follow is sad. It's bullying, and you're only doing it because you know they can't say anything back or they will get in trouble, and they need that *** little job in order to live.

So maybe you need to get over yourself.

Just because a business is about customer service doesn't mean they should be okay with their customers treating their HARD WORKING employees like ***. I am betting you've never worked fast food in your life.


You're right that "a corporation has regulations and certain rules to follow"... but if breakfast is supposed to last until 10:30 a.m.

and the restaurant ends breakfast service early, then they are NOT following those regulations/rules!

If a customer is coming in just for breakfast service within the advertised hours, they have a right to expect to receive that service. They're a paying customer, which is how the restaurant makes money to pay that paycheck you said you needed in order to live; it's as simple as that!

It's also inappropriate for you to be taking customer complaints so personally; just get the manager if a customer is upset!


@ Carter - Nope, sorry. They arrived too late to order breakfast.

By the time this loony tunes walked in, expecting breakfast, people were already lining up expecting to order from the lunch menu. They can't get lunch if BK is still serving breakfast.

People wanting breakfast should NOT arrive at the last possible moment and expect to get it. Besides, I don't care what time a customer's watch or phone reads, BK goes by THEIR clock!


You've started reading peoples negative comments and victimizing people who work there. That is why you're coming up with this line about disrespecting employees.

This comment at the top clearly said nothing about disrespecting employees. It was about Burger King's customer service.


You're a socialist. The customer matters.

Your "job" isn't about your feelings. Customer service used to be a thing. You promise 10:30, do it. Otherwise don't falsely advertise.

Your job is called fast food because it works around people who came there in a hurry and have a tight schedule. You're upset because you're making money and it isn't easy for you?

Get over it or leave. In customer service, people spending money matter not the ones they're giving it to.


It surprises me that so many people think Burger King was in the right here. If they advertise their breakfast as going until 10:30, then their breakfast should last until 10:30.

How early would would he have to be there before he was "more prepared"? 10:15? 10? I've been to BK at 10:15 and still been denied breakfast before.

If it's advertised until 10:30, that's when it should end.

Despite the fact that OP was "pushing it" he still ordered completely on time. It's terrible customer service and OP has every right to complain about the terrible business actions.


BK was in the right there.

EVERY FAST FOOD RESTAURANT DOES THIS, unless they're giving you the OLD breakfast items that are leftovers and were cooked for other customers by mistake. You basically get the old items which is disgusting.

People have to start preparing for lunch. Otherwise those that order the lunch items get angry for the wait (YES, they do get angry anyway, and do you see how you can't please everyone?)

At 10:15 you should've been served breakfast, unless they ran out of what you're ordering. That's their fault. But I don't believe you when you say you've been denied 15 minutes before. It's always, always 5 minutes before their advertised time that they stop making breakfast items.

Try working in fast food. People are sick of customers like you! thank goodness i'm in university.. hopefully my future career won't involve fat angry people ordering fast food.


You actually have no right to complain. All it shows is your complete ignorance at to how the "food service" industry works.

It would be the same thing at a nice, sit down restaurant, whereas lunch, for example is served up through a certain time, and then they start to prepare dinner. I mean, come on, even a lay person that knows how to prepare food at home can understand that if you're using a specific set of equipment and utensils to prepare specific dishes (lets say they are for breakfast, for example), then after that you want to begin to prepare a set of dishes for lunch/dinner. ANYONE knows that the pots/pans/fryer/griddle/utensils that you use (even the procedures that have to do with maintaining what's called "food service sanitation), MUST be maintained. You simply CANNOT use the same griddle that you just got done cooking raw eggs on and simply start to fry up RAW ground beef on in for your hamburgers.

That's not just a matter of "who would care, it's a griddle, probably turned up to 400 degrees anyway, if the state's food inspector came in, he would (and does have the authority), to shut the place down in a heartbeat. That's just not adhering to correct food safety protocols. In fact, I would bet that most of you complaining out there about not being able to get breakfast at 10:29, when they "advertise" breakfast to be served up until 10:30am, that at each and every cooking/food preparation station in the kitchen, the crew MUST maintain a bucket of sanitized cleaning solution which sits next to them (usually on the floor), beside every station where food is either made or prepared on. AND, this bucket of sanitized cleaning solution MUST be changed out every two hours along with a log book/sheet whereas the manager is in charge of making sure that this gets done and they even must use test strips that can/will show how many parts per million of the dilution of the water/compared to the cleaner solution that's mixed in that bucket.

So my question to many of you upset about thinking that you're in the "right" and that the store shouldn't or doesn't need to prepare anything, be it cooking equipment/utensils/supplies needed from one meal preparation to the next, then you would probably support the notion that if by chance you were to get sick because a station was not changed out properly between (lets say breakfast prep and lunch prep), then I'm with you on it. We can have legal waivers for you to sign that says you don't care if the food prep stations are cleaned/changed out in between each meal types just so there would be NO interruption between service breakfast and lunch. Hey, if you like that idea, then then petition for it.

Of course, it's not a matter of changing the minds of the people that work, own and operate the restaurant, you need to first go to the state legislature and petition the health department to change/modify it's rules and regulations regarding food service sanitation/safety.

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