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Pretty much all the burger kings around me are TERRIBLE. And that's saying quite a bit since commute between two to three cities daily!

Every single one never fails to disrespect you, throw food at you in the drive thru, they take FOREVER to even answer you at the Drive thru, it's no positivity ANYWHERE in this restaurant! I've had it with the disrespectful attitudes, this morning i literally got insulted because i have a soft voice. So, that's it.

Burger King will never have my money again. I don't know where you all are finding these ignorant individuals, but i beg you to raise your hiring standards or you'll be losing a LOT of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Burger King Customer Care.

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Why do they say that the are the "King" of burgers? They should call themselves "Burger Vagrant"


Yuck. Crummy food.

Fattening. Chemical laden. Why would anyone ever eat there ? If I were you I'd brown bag it especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down, driving.

You'll eat healthier for less money ... how can you lose ?

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