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I was actually happy before i went to the Bk lounge today. the lounge for the employees there who overcharge for the *** they chuck out their drive thru window... and *** it might as well be. I remember when BK used to not put me in a bad mood but when i recognize all the wrongs that i encountered today, I hope one would try to attend to the spuntards behind this organization.

I went for the old faithful number 1. Bk salesmen: u want cheese??? *** did i ask for cheese!!! with a vanilla shake. my buddy wanted 2 jr whoppers. bk salesmen: with cheese. Again if i wanted cheese I know how to ask for it. Samething with u guys and money. yes, moving on. and a strawberry banana smoothie. in total 15$(14.and some change). and here's the kick in the balls. Fries that came out tasted like chicken. The taste comes from cooking multipe foods in the same fryer. I knew right away raw chicken was in there before my fries... yuck. how does a food corp that gives fries out basically for every meal, not have this down... vanilla shake tasted like it had some coffee or vanilla bean flavor... ewww.. how bout just regular vanilla. My whopper was in worse shape. im not even commenting further on it, other than wtf was that???? . my friends whoppers were pitiful and hard to the touch. like a rock in a wrapper... Thats not food i would give to people, other than a begger period, much less they pay for it. BK's standards are astonishing.

Bk used to be good back in the day. its not the case anymore. now shes that girl who has botox in her lips and tries to make herself appealing from the outside. all in all sucks

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Hey, ignorant person, we have to ask you if you want cheese. It's our policy. Why don't you shove that whopper straight up your ***.

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